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    Kanku Dai(Kankū-dai )


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    Kanku Dai(Kankū-dai )

    Post  Unsu on Sat Mar 06, 2010 1:39 pm

    Kūsankū (クーサンクー、公相君) also called Kankū-dai (観空大), is an open hand karate kata that is studied by many practitioners of Okinawan, Japanese and Korean karate. In many karate styles, there are two versions of the kata: Kūsankū-shō and Kūsankū-dai. The name Kūsankū (クーサンクー) or Kōsōkun (公相君) is used in Okinawan systems of karate, and refers to a person by the name of Kūsankū, a Chinese diplomat from Fukien who is believed to have traveled to Okinawa to teach his system of fighting. In Japanese systems of karate, the kata has been known as Kankū (translated as gazing heavenward, viewing the sky, or contemplating the sky) ever since it was renamed in the 1930s by Funakoshi Gichin.[1] This kata is also practiced in Tang Soo Do and is pronounced something like kong sang koon in Korean. Due to its difficulty, this kata is often reserved for advanced students. One of its distinguishing features is the jump, which incorporates two kicks.This kata contains some of "kicks" which represent seein the Sun.Extremely strong and fast kata,and it had some fallings (that's the part of the kata).

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